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What if you were looking at health the wrong way?

Wouldn't that make you sick?

During the past century or so, our view of sickness and health has changed from what is once was. Many come to look at our bodies as mechanisms with parts that can be fixed or removed when they don't work right. People come to view sickness as something that happens to us, and that can be "cured" simply by using chemicals and manufactured medicines in the right doses. We have come to believe that only experts know enough about our bodies to repair them when they are broken or not working correctly.


What if those ideas are wrong? What if those approaches only find temporary relief and never really allow us to find permanent good health? What if there is a way of looking at health care that actually makes you feel good all the time and helps prevent illness?

There's a lot of discussion going on in our nation about health care - how much it costs and who should pay for it. But, even more basic than that, a lot of people are questioning the very definition of health care. It seems like we receive disease care instead of health care. Often, the treatment we receive appears to focus only on what is "broken" or what is wrong with a part of our bodies like we are machines that can be fixed. It wasn't always this way. For centuries, humankind has understood that a person is more than just a body, more than a collection of parts. People knew that the mind and spirit of a person was just as important to good health as the parts of the body. As a matter of fact, teachers and healers knew that a physical body could feel well and still be very sick.

But in recent years, things have gotten out of balance. We have been primarily looking at the mechanisms of the body, and seem to feel the mind and spirit aren't involved at all in poor health. Well, even our bodies know this is the wrong way to look at things, because they often don't respond. And, many scientific experts, doctors, and teachers also know that something is wrong with the concept that the body is a machine, and fixing the machine is all that is important. It's becoming more and more clear to millions of people, repair work in not health care. So, what is the answer?

B.E.S.T. of Morter HealthSystem offers a system of health care that turns away from treating us as mechanisms, and instead looks at the whole person - mind, body and spirit. We're about to show you a path to a life full of vitality and long-term good health.

We believe we can control our bodies and our health with our conscious mind when really, it is our subconscious mind that runs our body.

Why did this happen to me?

What we are really asking here is, "What really controls our health?" There are some new ways for you to look at your health that may help you answer these questions. They may be different from what you are used to. These new views of health will help you understand how conscious choices you made in the past influence your life today, including how well or poorly you're feeling right now.


The first new view is that your body wasn't designed to be healthy. It wasn't designed to be sick. It wasn't designed to be overweight. It wasn't designed to be overly thin.

Your body was designed to survive!

Every internal physical function of your body is aimed at one goal: survival! Just as a pesky tuft of grass with its roots buried in a tiny crack in your driveway finds a way to survive, your body survives seemingly impossible conditions...without conscious thought.


The second view of health that may be new to you is that, even if you have a serious disease or severe pain, everything going on in your body right now is absolutely perfect! Your body is doing exactly the right things to survive present conditions.

Your body doesn't know how to do anything wrong!

Every minuscule activity that goes on in your body is a response. Whether it is processing food, blushing sending warrior cells to fight an infection, or giving you symptoms of diabetes, every physiological activity within your body is a response to a "stress". That means everything you eat or drink, every time you exercise (move), rest, or breathe, and everything you think "stresses" your body in some way. All of these "stressors"- eating, drinking, exercising, resting, breathing, and thinking - cause your body to do something different than it was doing before the "stressor" occurred.


Stress is neither "good" nor "bad".

Stress is anything that causes your body to change - even minutely - the way it is functioning right now. All of these functional changes are beneficial. They are directed toward helping your body survive. However, any function of your body that continues non-stop for extended periods can eventually lead to exhaustion. When any part of your body becomes exhausted, symptoms may appear. As an illustration, see how long you can keep your hand clenched in a fist before your muscles produces a "pain" symptom. Very likely will be only a matter of minutes. Yet countless numbers of people are constantly tense and uptight throughout their bodies, not just their fists. Most of them don't even realize it. They are always on the alert to some real or imagined danger, and their bodies are tensed for defense all the time...even when there's nothing to defend against!


Your body functions at its best when your "internal environment" is slightly alkaline.

The cells of your body are alkaline, except when the red blood cells carry off toxic acid. Even the environment inside the walls of the cells that produce strong acid in your stomach is alkaline. The fluids of your body - except the digestive fluids in your stomach - should be slightly alkaline. Your blood, the fluid around your cells, the fluid inside your cells, lymph, your pancreatic fluid, bile...all of them should be slightly alkaline, not acidic.

If your internal environment is on the acid side, your body will go to great lengths to re-establish slight alkalinity.

It will do whatever it can to neutralize the acid. It will even go so far as to take neutralizing minerals, like calcium, away from their job of keeping bones and teeth strong, in order to neutralize excess acid - you've heard of this - osteoporosis.

Survival is more important than avoiding brittle bones.