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Finally - The Truth About Losing Weight Forever

  • The Revolutionary Plan That Reshapes Your Body
  • Gets Rid of Abnormal Fat
  • Increases Your Metabolism and Energy
  • Eliminates Hunger and Food Cravings
  • Burn Fat Deposits In All Problem Areas
  • Keep Excess Weight Off FOREVER
  • Cleans The Body Of Toxins

You are about to learn about the greatest medical discovery relating to obesity and weight loss of all time. The cause of obesity and weight gain has finally been discovered. The cure has also been discovered. It has been used and tested for over thirty years by over 100,000 people with virtually 100% success. The most amazing fact is that the true cause and cure for obesity and weight gain has been systematically and purposefully discredited and hidden from the general public. Now, for the first time since the cause and cure of obesity and weight gain was discovered over thirty years ago, this information is finally being revealed to the world. The cause and cure for obesity was discovered by a medical doctor over thirty years ago. He was paid enormous sums of money to keep the cure a secret. The results were spectacular.

When you do the weight loss protocol you will loss weight easily. This means in thirty days you should lose approximately twenty pounds. Exactly how much weight you lose will depend upon how much total weight you need to lose. Almost everyone loses about one pound every one to two days while on the protocol. The weight loss cure is not a diet, not an exercises program, not a psychological behavior modification program, or some other system that is supposed to help you lose weight. The weight loss cure actually addresses and corrects the physiological cause of obesity, weight gain, and inability to lose weight.

When you read this entire story you will learn the true cause of obesity, weight gain, and the body's inability to lose weight. You will learn why food companies are making us fat on purpose. Most importantly, you will learn the simple protocol that you can easily do that will cure the basic underlying cause that makes us fat. There is absolutely not even one weight loss diet, program, system, pill, or anything else that addresses the true cause as to why we are fat. Even the government admits that nothing works for permanent weight and fat loss. The latest research is producing evidence associating obesity with a variety of cancers, including breast, colorectal, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

I know from personal experience and working with my patients that nothing really works because they have virtually tried them all. People have struggled with their weight their entire life. Patients have gone to fat farms for weeks at a time; they hired personal trainers and exercised as much as eight hours a day. They tried every pill sold, every new diet, every miracle device, subliminal tapes, hypnosis, laser therapy, and more. They bought the prepackaged food. They even hired a private chef to prepare specific meals that would help them lose weight and keep it off. They tried every diet you've heard of: the blood type diet, the low carb diet, Atkins, South Beach, low calorie, vegetarian, food combining, high protein, raw food, the grapefruit diet, the chocolate diet, NutriSystem, Slim Fast, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and probably a hundred more different kinds of diets. They tried every specific kind of exercise program, every kind of diet pill, miracle protein shakes that promised to reduce their appetite, burn fat, and solve their weight issue forever. Patients would lose some weight, but always gained it right back. Nothing really ever worked.

Many of you are in a similar situation. You've tried everything, yet nothing really ever works. When I say works, what does that mean? Yes, if you do any diet and exercise program you may, in fact, lose some weight. the problem is during the diet, exercise, or weight loss program you are usually hungry, grumpy, fatigued, have food cravings, need to use super human willpower, and feel deprived and miserable. The weight you lose is never the fat in the problem areas. You actually lose water, structural fat, and muscle. The biggest problem is that these weight loss programs lower your metabolism, and increase your appetite. They actually make it so the body gains weight quicker, stores more fat in the problem areas, and makes it even harder in the future to lose weight and fat. This is why when you stop diet, exercise, or weight loss program you very quickly gain all the weight back, plus more! The scariest thing is the weight you gain back is the fat that is stored in the problem areas that is virtually impossible to lose. Diet, exercise, and weight loss programs actually make you fatter in the long term. The facts, fat people and thin people have different ways in which their bodies operate.

Here are the common problems that people who are over weight have to deal with. Individuals who are dealing with weight issues, generally speaking, have the following characteristics, which are quite different from people who are not dealing with weight issues. These are some of the common denominators that virtually all fat people have:

1.) Their body metabolism is low. What this means is when a fat person eats food their body does not burn the food as fuel at a very high rate. People who are naturally thin burn food and calories quickly. Up until now there has never been a treatment that truly addressed this particular problem. This is one of the reasons why when a person goes on a weight loss program and actually loses some weight, they gain all the weight back very quickly. If you don't correct low metabolism then you are destined to be fat your whole life.

2.) High hunger. Thin people can never understand this. A fat person is physically hungry more often and at a higher intensity than the naturally thin person. Thin people always say that fat people don't have enough self control to stop eating. This is not true. The thin person cannot comprehend the physiological, intense, and almost constant hunger that the fat person has to deal with. It has nothing to do with self control. This is a real, gnawing, tortuous, intense physical hunger. This is one of the reasons why naturally thin people and exercise gurus have no right to tell you how to lose weight. They have never really had to deal with the real issues that overweight people deal with.

3.) Eating when you're not hungry. Fat people also have a problem with emotional eating or cravings. Certain food cravings fall into the above hunger category as they are physiological in nature. Other food cravings or emotional eating occur when you are physically not hungry, but you are hungry to fill an emotional need. This is actually physical in nature. I have read hundreds of diet books and only a few had any real solutions that address this problem.

There are two other issues relating to obesity. The first is genetics. As amazing as it sounds, genetics do not play a major role as a cause for obesity. Genetics do determine general body shape, but are not the main cause for a low metabolism, intense and constant physical hunger, or emotional eating.

The other issue is that specific foods, or kinds of foods, actually make you gain weight very quickly. The experts always talk about calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sodium. Some are now more advanced and talk about simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, and the glycemic index levels of foods. Foods high on the gyycemic index fall into the category of highly refined or super highly refined, causing massive spikes in insulin secretion, leading to increased food cravings and hunger, and the body increase fat deposits. Some talk about saturated or unsaturated fats. All of these components have some level of importance. However, nutritionists and doctors virtually never mention the most important and significant components of food which lead to weight gain and obesity. The most significant components of food that play the largest role in weight gain and obesity are food additives, chemicals, and food processing techniques! It's not the food itself; it's not really the calories, the amount of fat, the amount of carbohydrates, sodium, glycemic index level, or protein. It's how food is processed and the man made chemicals and additives in the food that actually cause weight gain and obesity. These include bovine growth hormone and antibiotics injected into meat, poultry, and dairy products, flavor enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet (aspartame) and Splenda (sucrolos). This also includes man made sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, highly refined white sugar, processed molasses, processed honey, maltodextrin, etc., plus the over 25,000 chemicals that are routinely added to virtually every product you buy, including conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Man made trans fats such as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils cause weight gain and obesity. Additionally, food processing techniques such as pasteurization, which is now done on virtually every product in a bottle or carton, homogenization, and irradiation which is done to over 50% of all food products sold in America all cause weight gain. As part of the weight loss cure protocol all of these issues are addressed and corrected easily and permanently.