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We think of ourselves as purely physical beings, and remedy ourselves with medication using chemicals to provide a cure or treatment. Recently we've begun to see another side of our physical being, and how energy can provide benefits to our body.

We are actually divided into two distinctly different halves. There is the physical body we see, but thee is also your invisible being as well. Our body's are made of very complex patterns and structures of pure energy. It moves through 12 pathways that guide this energy to every organ in your body has been intensely studied for almost 5000 years and is believed to be the beginning of true and lasting health.

Doctor Fritz Albert Popp, a German physicist pioneered the way for the development of identifying and measuring electrical impulses that create an electromagnetic network, which controls every organ and its function in your body. He named these electrical impulses Biophotons. Further research scientists then discovered that every virus, bacteria, yeast, parasite, abnormal cell, and toxin ALL present a very specific digital frequency signature.

This is the heart of the Nanowave technology. It uses specific frequencies to match an energetic signal that balances the body to help restore the body's ability to heal itself. Life depends on signals exchanged among molecules (Biophotons).

Every atom of every molecule and every intermolecular bond the bridge that links the atoms and emits a group of specific frequencies. Specific frequencies of simple or complex molecules are detected at distances of billions of light-years, thanks to radio telescopes. Biophysicists describe these frequencies as an essential physical characteristic of matter.

There are 10,000 water molecules in the human body for every molecule of protein. Research scientists have recently completed very simple experiments showing that a molecule at a normally active concentration does not work in a medium devoid of water. Adding water is not enough to restore activity; it must be "informed".

What is the Patch System?

The Patch System is a series of patches that are programmed to support and restore vital energetics to the human body. These patches are available through Dr. Haberski. The patch delivers natural energetic frequencies that allows the body to restore healthy energy more effectively. They are designed to create specific biological signals that the body chooses to accept or reject in order to maintain balanced energy.

The patches are safe to use in conjunction with your normal medication or your current nutritional supplements. This technology provides frequency signatures that are needed to achieve health benefits.

A hypo-allergenic adhesive is used to prevent any allergic reactions. Each of the patches are carefully programmed that match the exact frequencies found i healthy people, so it is completely natural and there are no negative side-effects. There is nothing synthetic in the patches and there is no chemistry that passes through the skin.

How does the Patch work?

Each patch carries a complete software program in the substrate material that delivers natural energetic frequencies, which allows the body to heal itself naturally. The body assimilates those frequencies to improve well being without stimulants.

The patch works relentlessly for the duration of the therapy, giving your body an energetic intervention. In recent studies of the human body, bio-energy frequencies provide an important and vital function in our lives, whether we understand this phenomenon or not, emitting poor and dysfunctional frequencies can determine one's health.

Where do I place the Aura Patch on my body?

Because the human body receives energy from the left side, we recommend attaching the patch above the waist on the left side. Somewhere that is flat with no hair. The top left shoulder or left arm is fine. Each therapy requires one patch to be worn for three days thus one sleeve of ten patches is a (30) day supply.


After observing and measuring low, diminished energy in very specific areas of the body, there are different available programs of energetic restoration. These energy fields are created to totally restore and balance the body's energy needs. Use the Aura Patches on your left side for 100% of the energy delivery and benefits. Aura Patches may be worn on the right side, but energy benefits are reduced by 20%. Aura Patch therapies may be used in combinations. Do not use more than three different therapies at one time. If the patches come off in the shower or if adhesive itches, place upside down and attach with a Band-Aid or Tegaderm tape. If using more than one patch, mark with color sharpies on patch and package. When multiple therapies are needed choose the most serious first and then create a step by step program until all the health challenges are met.

Bedtime Aura Patch - For a restful night's sleep. Government studies tell us 62% of all Americans have sleep deprivation. Bedtime restores your energy for your best natural sleep patterns. Helps to restore normal sleep cycle achieving delta and theta levels restoring depleted melatonin issues.

Brain-Liver Aura Patch - This program has been developed as an aid to support proper messaging of the Brain/Liver and to normalize their function. Helps with conditions like Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr and all Hepatitis strains.

Candida Aura Patch - For all Candida and Fungal Infestations. Helps eliminate Candida and Fungus from your entire body including yeast fungal based vaginal infections.

Circulation Aura Patch - This program is for clear healthy arteries. Slowly dissolves plaques and calcifications in arteries. Helpful with high cholesterol, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

Colds-Bacteria Aura Patch - This program is used to help with all bacterial infections including Streptococcus, E. Coli, Staphylococcus and Pneumonia. Also supports to improve your immune system.

Digestive Comfort Aura Patch - This therapy is an aid for people who have digestive problems. Improve all gastrointestinal problems. Helpful with acid reflux, ulcers and gastroenteritis problems.

Energy & Stamina Aura Patch - This program raises energy and alertness levels. Improves athletic stamina, improves mental stamina and coping skills, achieves higher levels of concentration for studies or safe driving.

Enzymes DB Aura Patch - This program provides a large group of enzyme energetics to support multiple organ function. Perfect for all Diabetics, enzyme action helps with nutritional up take for healthy diets. Helps to clean out the pancreas and liver in making the blood cells less sticky in return normalizing the blood sugar levels.

OLE Aura Patch - This is the original OLE energetics formula. OLE is known as one of the only natural support for Herpes, HSV, HPV and Shingles. We have read the claims of thousands of satisfied clients from the past seven years.

EYES Aura Patch - This program is designed to restore energy in the eyes. We have observed improvements in a broad range of eye health challenges including cataracts, glaucoma, floaters and retinal inadequacies.

Female Hormones Aura Patch - This program helps to balance and support hormones including PMS, bloating, menstrual pain or discomfort, fatigue, and hot flashes.

FLU-Viruses Aura Patch - This program is designed as a rapid anti-viral action. It starts working immediately on headaches, coughing, vomiting, body and joint pain caused by the virus.

H-GH4 Aura Patch - This program has been modified and improved as a "Healing Program" based on the original GH-3 Procaine Formula. The H-GH4 has expanded health benefits with 2-3 times the potency of the original formula, delivered in an easy to use patch. Helps with all chronic conditions by increasing anti-oxidant activity, pH balancing and increases body healing.

Joint Comfort Aura Patch - This program contains the specific healthy energy found in bones and connective tissue. It helps with all types of joint pain problems. It helps to heal damage from Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lupus and all other degenerative bone or connective tissue conditions.

Longevity Aura Patch - This program contains the latest scientific discoveries for a long healthy life. It helps to raise your hormone production including human growth hormone, DHEA, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation.

Male Hormone Aura Patch - This program contains a multiple approach to balancing male hormones. It increases your energy while providing sexual benefits. Healthier prostate gland, better semen production, increased and balanced testosterone, stronger erections and increased sexual desire.

Memory Aura Patch - This program restores depleted energetics in the brain. Better short and long term memory.

Organ Cleanse Aura Patch - Good health begins with proper organ function. Environmental detoxification, effective for over 79 different toxins, increases lymphatic function, reduces inflammation, multiple organ and health improvements.

Parasites Aura Patch - This program is designed to eliminate all parasites. Will set up a barrier to all microscopic infections. We all have parasites, eliminate them by using the Parasite Aura Patch.

R1H2 Therapy Aura Patch - This program supports children with Autism. The R1H2 energetically supports the brain with observable and measurable improvements in as short as 90 days. Also helpful with Lyme disease disorder.

Scar Tissue Aura Patch - This program greatly reduces the chance of scar tissue formation. Opens acupuncture meridian blockages due to scarring, used with all breast implant patients, reduces scarring during and after surgery. Helpful in multiple sclerosis conditions.

Seasonal Best Aura Patch - This program is designed for seasonal and food allergies. Many times after you have eliminated the primary cause of health problems there are allergies which hinder the final healing.

Stress Less Aura Patch - This program is designed to increase your coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression. Very quick response, noticeable results within in 48 hours, great complaints, increases actual feelings of joy and happiness.

Weight Management Aura Patch - This is our most complex program, adds supportive energy to almost every function of the body. Contains five different fat burners, detoxifies the organs, increases healthy lymphatic function to remove fat, reduces appetite, reduces bloating and encourages physical activities.

Children's Mental Focus Aura Patch - This program supports children with Autism, ADD, ADHD and all other mental focus problems.

Master Immune Stimulator Aura Patch - This patch is made to correct immune system response. The patch activates the immune system to produce a correct response to defend the body from pathogens and other invaders. The patch is also recommended for use with cancer. In some cases it is beneficial to use the Parasite Aura Patch before using the Master Immune Stimulator.

Kidney Adrenal Thyroid Aura Patch - This program is made for balancing and supportng the kidneys, adrenals and thyroid gland.

Recovery Aura Therapy Patch - This program has the latest scientific discoveries in stem cell research. The patch will heal every organ system in your body and boost your healing abilities. Patients recover faster and more completely when this therapy is added to their treatment program. Great for any failing organ system. This can be used as a health maintenance program.

Adult Mental Focus Aura Patch - This program is for adults with ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's or any other brain dysfunction. Dramatically reducing edema and inflammation and setting up an optimum healing scenario. Restores energetic balance to the cerebrum, there by stabilizing the concentration and memory capabilities. Will remove pathogens and parasites living in the brain. It will naturally raise the brain's coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression. Helps to restore all brain function back to normal.